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GE to Manufacture Molten Salt Sodium Nickel Chloride Batteries for Stationary Electricity Storage Applications

Some time ago GE announced that it was planning manufacture sodium metal halide batteries for utility scale storage applications. They have now revealed that the metal/halide combination in question is nickel/chlorine, the same as that used in ">FZ Sonicks's Zebra batteries. Some information taken from Durathon Utilility Battery Brochure is listed below:

gravimetric energy density: 115 Wh/kg
volumetric energy density: 160 Wh/L
operating temperature range: -20C to 60C
Cycle Life: >3,000 operating cycles at 80 percent DOD on a two-hour rate
Cathode Chemistry: NiCl2+NaAlCl4
Anode Chemistry: Liquid Na

The advertised cycle life of >3000 is in between FZ Sonicks's (>2000) and NGK Insulators (=4500).

Some information taken from Durathon Utililty Battery Spec Sheet:

Round trip efficiency (2h discharge/4h recharge): 91%

Jun 25, 2011

Energy Storage News

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