Power Tower Concentrated PV Plant Utilizing Wirelessly Controlled Mirror Array

High concentration solar PV systems have been pursued for some time as a way of utilizing high efficiency multijunction solar cells made from III/V semiconductor compounds (e.g. gallium arsenide). However, the economics of concentrated PV (CPV)has not yet been able to catch up with the increasing economic performance of silicon PV even in geographical locations with low cloud cover in which CPV systems attain their best performance. An Australian company called Raygen is trying to lower the cost of the two axis solar tracking required to obtain high concentration of sunlight by using an array of wirelessly controlled mirrors in a power tower design. The III/V multijunction PV panel sits atop a tower facing an semicircular array of flat mirrors which are rotated in two axes to produce uniform high concentration solar light over the surface of the solar panel. The hope is that this flat array of wireless controlled mirrors can be manufactured and installed at lower cost than the arrays of fresnel lenses which have been more commonly used in CPV installations.

Oct 31, 2017

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